Pressdesign Hans Peter Janisch
A selection of newspapers, weekly papers, magazines and advertising journals designed by Hans Peter Janisch.
Lindauer Bürgerzeitung, Lindau, lake constance, Germany Lindauer Bürgerzeitung
Lindau, lake constance, Germany

Useful information for the community and fun-packed entertainment for the visitors of this touristic region are presented in the new design of Lindauer Bürgerzeitung.

Tageblatt, daily newspaper, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg Tageblatt
Daily newspaper, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

With this relaunch, the Tageblatt reinvented itself. Der first section of the paper is devoted to the most interesting topics of the day, leaving classic structures behind. Strong content presented in a magazine-style.

Marktspiegel, Nuremberg, Germany Marktspiegel
The leading weekly newspaper in Nuremberg, Germany

Next to a new typography and a new and clear visual appearance, the redesign brings along several new pages and new topics focussing on the region and consumer.

Saar Amateur, Weekly Football-newspaper, Saarbrücken, Germany Saar Amateur
Weekly Football-newspaper, Saarbrücken, Germany

A fresh and bold look for the most popular sport in the country. All results and game reviews of the state Saarland are presented here.

Kirche Bunt, Newspaper of the diocese, St. Pölten, Austria Kirche Bunt
Newspaper of the diocese, St. Pölten, Austria

Entertainment and serious topics are presented in a legible and attractive way.

Niederösterreichische Nachrichten, St. Pölten, Österreich NöN
Niederösterreichische Nachrichten, St. Pölten, Austria

Quality journalism and a strong regional coverage are the trade marks of the market leader in Niederöstrerreich.

Nedeljske Novice, Ljubljana, Slovenia Nedeljske Novice
Sunday paper, Ljubljana, Slovenia

A refreshing and surprising design characterizes this new newspaper. Its main audience are women and families and within weeks after the start it was a success.

Nedelo, Ljubljana, Slovenia Nedelo
Sunday paper, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nedelo is the sunday sister paper of big DELO in the tabloid format. A good example how a change in format and design can turn one newspaper into a magazine.

DELO, Ljubljana, Slovenia DELO
Daily newspaper, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The leading paper in Slovenia shows a new light and refined design, together with many new pages after the redesign.

MK, Fulda, Germany MK
Free weekly newspaper, Fulda, Germany

A new name, together with a bold design are the significant changes for the leading advertising paper in Fulda.

INFO - der Südfinder, Leutkirch, Germany INFO - der Südfinder
Free weekly newspaper, Leutkirch, Germany

This paper is published in several editions by the Schwäbische Zeitung. A new title, new colors, and a new page design refresh this old title.

direkt, Leverkusen, Germany direkt
Employee newspaper of the Bayer-Corporation, Germany

This publication is meant to look and work like a newspaper. Structured and designed like a paper is it a crossbreed between magazine and corporate publication.

AZ Abendzeitung, Nürnberg, Germany AZ Abendzeitung
Daily newspaper, Nürnberg, Germany

A fresh look and new editorial content for the oldest boulevard newspaper in the country.

WOB, Würzburg, Germany WOB
Free weekly newspaper, Würzburg, Germany

The new WOB is a bit aggressive, bold and for all generations. This reflects in the layout of this regional advertising paper.

Fuldaer Zeitung, Fulda, Germany Fuldaer Zeitung
Daily newspaper, Fulda, Germany

Rarely have I reworked a newspaper so completely: A new masthead, new pages, new typography and new colors are the visual elements of this redesign.

Heider Anzeiger, Heide, Germany Heider Anzeiger
Free weekly newspaper, Heide, Germany

High up into the north of Germany, on the border to Denmark, you can find this free advertising newspaper.

Märker / Brawo, Oranienburg, Germany Märker / Brawo
Free weekly newspaper, Oranienburg, Germany

Both free papers published by the Oranienburger Generalanzeiger show a new design – different in color, structure and readership.

Le Jeudi, Luxemburg Le Jeudi
Weekly Newspaper, Luxemburg

«Le Jeudi» is one of the few weekly newspapers in the greater Luxemburg area. In terms of layout and selection of news and stories it is more a magazine than a newspaper, and is published entirely in French.

The appearance of the weekly paper is characterized by a lot of white space and a more casual appearance. This is achieved by a 10-column screen in Berliner format that provides the necessary room. The subtle use of colour and slightly reserved typography accentuate the character of the product.

Le Quotidien, Luxemburg Le Quotidien
Daily Newspaper, Luxemburg

The new design of «Le Quotidien» features strong image and colour work. Dark-blue bar elements guide the reader through the paper and mark lead articles, editorial structures, author’s comment, space lines as well as infoboxes. The design is strong and daring, geared towards young urban reader

Blizz, Regensburg Blizz
Weekly Advertising Journal, Regensburg, Germany

The redesign is aiming at a format that can be described in terms of sincere yellow press magazine. The paper now features clear, strong imaging as well as typographical and colour elements while avoiding any importunate or tacky overtone.

Nasha Gazeta, Kostanay Nasha Gazeta
Weekly Newspaper, Kostanay, Kasakhstan

«Nasha Gazeta» is one of the few independent papers in Kazakhstan. The paper is published weekly in Kostanay in the northern part of the country. Whereas many papers of the country are still looking for a new form, «Nasha Gazeta» has already taken one step forward. The redesign introduces not merely a change of fonts, paper head and colours, but rather an entirely new structure that has been implemented in the paper.

After all, these very design structures may be at the core of a number of decisive changes introduced in this redesign. In the past unstructured articles were in use on a day-to-day basis, and those have been replaced by a number of editorial instruments to allow for better segmentation and structuring. In many places several incentives are presented to the reader to read an article.

Revue, Luxemburg Revue
Weekly Magazine, Luxemburg

A change in format bestowed this time-honoured Luxemburg magazine a new layout. Large size images and well-structured news pages underscore a graceful and engaging visual appearance.

Markgräfler Bürgerblatt, Offenburg Markgräfler Bürgerblatt
Weekly Advertising Journal, Germany

A new title head, clear structure of content and a much improved visual appearance are the core elements of the redesign of «Markgräfler Bürgerblatte».

Ustinka Plus, Ust-Kamenogorsk Ustinka Plus
Weekly Newspaper, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kasakhstan

The paper is published in the eastern part of Kasakhstan at the border to Mongolia and China. The redesign above all introduced a conceptual order and structure in the product.

New fonts as well as a clear visual appearance complement the layout which in this form is very rare in the newspaper landscape of Kasakhstan.

Prezent, Cazin Prezent
Weekly Newspaper, Cazin, Bosnia-Herzegovina

A major part of publications in Bosnia-Herzegovina is in the hands of pro-government parties. Independent journalism usually is available only from the new newspapers in the country among which «Prezent» is one example. «Prezent» was founded after the war, in Cazin near Bihac in the Muslim, northern part of the federation.

The redesign features a modern type of typography, clear imaging and a sophisticated structure for the paper, representing in this way journalism of a new, free and independent press.

Fränkischer Tag, Bamberg Fränkischer Tag
Daily Newspaper, Bamberg, Germany

The new layout is marked by an adaptation of a six-column pagination which embraces layout more readily than the former five-column system. The effect becomes clearly visible when imaging is employed. New headings, bigger page headers, the accent on the remark referring to internet and other media as well as heightened use of infoboxes that supply readers with facts on the articles all have been designed to improve clarity and orientation.

Prima Sonntag, Nürnberg Prima Sonntag
Weekly Advertising Journal, Nuremberg, Germany

A new weekly paper for the Nuremberg market, distinctly different in terms of colour, design and structure of the paper as compared to competitors.

Coburger Tageblatt/Bayerische Rundschau, Coburg/Kulmbach Coburger Tageblatt/Bayerische Rundschau
Daily Newspapers, Coburg/Kulmbach, Germany

The most important editorial parts appear clearly structured in independent books as paper in the paper, highlighted by individual titles along with an overview of the most important news items.

The new visual appearance is supplemented by a substantial editorial part. Individual pages for youth, career as well as college have been added, including a family page. The weekend supplement «Fränkischer Sonntag» adds to the spectrum.

Freie Presse, Chemnitz Freie Presse
Daily Newspaper, Chemnitz, Germany

As regards content that has undergone significant changes after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, there was a strong desire to introduce a new and unitary design concept into the paper. Due to a radical change from lead composition to the age of Apple Macintosh the former layout was marked by a stylistic mixture.

From the outset the aim of the redesign was to create a consistent and clear form. However, the idea was not to produce as many single pages as possible but rather to create a product that would be unmistakably clear to the reader right away. Today, a classic serif font is employed for the title area which builds a harmonic unity with the overall typography, representing at the same time, as regards content as well as visual appearance a newly renovated «Freie Presse».

Allgemeine Zeitung, Mainz Allgemeine Zeitung
Daily Newspaper, Mainz, Germany

The visual appearance of «Allgemeine Zeitung», the newspaper of the city of Mainz, and its sub-editions is characterized by strong imaging and clear structure. Its weekend journal has a marked resemblance to a magazine where pagination and the use of columns produce a generous appearance.

Magdeburger Volksstimme, Magdeburg Magdeburger Volksstimme
Daily Newspaper, Magdeburg, Germany

By reducing the range of fonts a steady image is produced along with a consistent appearance of all editorial departments and throughout all pages. Few type sizes that follow an order in terms of number of columns support this harmony.

Demos, a font created by Dutch typeface designer Gerard Unger, is used for the headline areas. As sans-serif font the ITC Stone is used.

Wiesbadener Kurier, Wiesbaden Wiesbadener Kurier
Daily Newspaper, Wiesbaden, Germany

Characteristic elements of the layout are consistently uniform rhythm of headers and use of strong imaging. In principal, the page design is determined by the image that was chosen for the page. Other elements distinctly conform to the high quality of the very image. A sparing use of red underscores this principle.

Active use of infoboxes and range of topics are additional features. In this way, complex situations can be accentuated editorially as well, whereas factual information on any subject is communicated quickly.